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Ever get bored and want to surf the web for that new Star Wars shirt you saw at Spencer’s, but your lazy self isn’t gonna leave the couch? Me too! Wanting to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows, but don’t have the perfect snack? We got you covered mate! Here at ProbablyNeedThis.com we’ve got you covered from everything to game gear to snacks to random things you didn’t realize you needed in your everyday life. For realsies though, you’re probably gonna buy everything here because who doesn’t need a life sized teddy bear and a snack pack of Doritos to keep you cozy while you catch up on Supernatural or Family Guy? Come waste your time with us at ProbablyNeedThis.com!

Mission statement: This website was created in the year of 2017 in order to showcase items that you will probably need. New items will be added daily along with a weekly item added to our blog.


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