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88 Great Conversation Starters


Squid Head scarf


KINGOU Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball


Today's Plan of Attack Notepad


Black Bird Wall Art

Have you ever seen the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock? Well now you can experience that movie everyday with this wall art decal.

Thumb USB Drive

This is a USB Flash Memory Drive, 8GB. Perfect for when you have to work, but also have a sense of humor. 

Fire Extinguisher

ProbablyNeedThis.com would not be complete without a fire extinguisher. This is probably the most important item on this whole entire site. I recommend only buying the all metal ones like the one I have listed here.

Steak Knife Set

If you have never played Giant Jenga, then you are missing out. Its a fun game for any patio and even better when drinking.

Coffee, Books, Rain Pillow

What more do you need? Perfect for any couch or bed, 18″ x 18″

Foldable Silicone Keyboard

This is exactly as the title says, a keyboard that is not only water proof, but you can also roll it up. The only time I have ever seen one of these is when a hacker uses it in an action film. 

Adult Dinosaur Pajamas

Yes, this is a thing! Comes in either green or pink, and either small or large size. 

Steak Knife Set

What better way to hold your knifes then with this sweet spartan knife set holder. Comes with 10 pieces. 

Stealing Coin Cat

Watch out, this sneaky cat will steal your coins if left on her dinner plate. 

Sleeves Fell Off Shirt

Don’t flex too hard, our your sleeves might fall off. This tank top is perfect for the gym.

Always Late Wall Clock

This is a great clock to show just how little you care about time. 12″ x 12″ size. 

Good Vibes Mug

Good Vibes Only, what more needs to be said? Add this mug to your growing collection of humorous mugs.

Rainy Day Fund

Use this to save your change, who knows, it might come in handy. This stylish container fits in with almost any decor, keep it on your dresser and watch the fund grow. 


Since this website is called, ProbablyNeedThis.com, I wanted to include something that everyone actually needs. A first aid kit! Keep handy in your car or bathroom. 

Lunch Bag

Once again, with the website being called ProbablyNeedThis.com, another thing you’ll probably need is a lunch bag.  Although, this bag does feature a bit of the periodic table.

Cereal Killer Spoon

Let your cereal know whats up with this Cereal Killer spoon. Text is printed on the spoon and is beautifully crafted and comes neatly packaged. 

Star Wars Socks

This is a really great pair of socks. These socks make you feel like you are a robot in the star wars universe. Don’t miss your chance to have these!


Made in USA. This wall art is  22″ x 32″ and will add color to any room. It might even inspire you to get out and travel.



This mug is a great way to show off how you really feel.


Nessie Ladle

Why use a normal ladle when you could have a Nessie one? This little guy is a great addition to any kitchen and is sure to add humor when preparing soup.

Star Wars Darth Shirt

This shirt comes in multiple sizes and shows off your love of one of the greatest series ever made. 

Beer Making Kit

Have you ever wanted to create your own beer? Now here’s your chance! Doesn’t hurt to try. 



This mug is a great way to show off how you really feel. Also, with that being said, feel free to send us feedback to let us know how you feel about our website HERE.


Sex Panther Cologne

The famous cologne from the Anchorman movie is finally here. Be careful, I hear it has a unique smell.